Visit to the UBQ Madeira laboratory

Published in: 07/02/2019

During January and February 2019, 3 groups of EB Dr. Luís Maurílio da Silva Dantas, EB1 / PE Marinheira and Center for Occupational Activities of Câmara de Lobos were invited to visit the UBQ Madeira laboratory. This visit focused on the iodine deficiency of the Madeiran population, as well as on the excess of salt, offering a solution for both these problems in the consumption of algae.  
The younger students were encouraged with an activity called "Scientist for a Day" in which they took a mystery algae to try to identify it.

UBQ Madeira na Ciência no Mercado

Published in: 10/12/2018

Publication of an article on the results of the Blue Iodine

Published in: 06/12/2018

CORDIS (European Commission’s primary service for EU funded research results) will publish an article on the results of the Blue Iodine II project. The results will be included in the “Responsible Bluefood”.

UBQ in Science in the Market

Published in: 19/11/2018

On November 21st, UBQ will participate in the 4th edition of Science in the market, an initiative that brings together several entities that are dedicated to Science and Technology. The event will be held from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the Farmers Market. Given that it is a free entry event, UBQ invites you to participate and get to know our products.

Aquaculture on Anjos beach

Published in: 22/10/2018

Marine aquaculture tanks set up on land to produce macroalgae from Madeira UBQ laboratories

Tanques na Praia dos Anjos

Published in: 08/10/2018

Beginning of filming with drone of the aquaculture tanks of macroalgae of the seas of the Madeira in Praia dos Anjos.


Tour of the course of Asparagopsis taxiformis

Published in: 08/10/2018


Analytical course of the macroalga Asparagopsis taxiformis, from its entry to its confection in the laboratory UBQ in the Business Park of Câmara de Lobos.


International projects of the CASBio

Published in: 08/10/2018

UBQ Madeira participates and develops, in partnership with the laboratory BG ISOPlexis, the international projects of the CASBio.

Presentation of UBQ Madeira to SONAE

Published in: 03/10/2018

On November 21st, 2018, UBQ Madeira will be represented by Dr. Ana Leite in Lisbon following the presentation to SONAE.

UBQ Madeira candidate for the SME Star Awards

Published in: 03/10/2018

UBQ Madeira was nominated in the Nanotechnology category for the “SME Star Awards”. These aim to “facilitate the creation of a favorable business environment” for European small and medium-sized enterprises. This is an excellent opportunity for this company to see their work recognized in the European Union. The company will be represented in Brussels by Dr. David Bauer Dionísio on November 21, 2018.

Marine Macro Algae Production in Aquaculture

Published in: 02/06/2017

We have recently initiated a new stage of UBQ’s entrepreneurial plan, the constructions, at “Praia dos Anjos”, of the 1st stage of production of marine micro algae in aquaculture consisting on the creation of a land platform with closed circuit tanks.

The production of macro algae on aquaculture will allow us to increase the production of biomass and raw material for UBQ. The marine macro algae are rich in bioactive compounds like carotenoids, dietetic fiber, proteins, essential fat acids, vitamins and minerals. These macro algae will be used in the preparation of UBQ’s 2nd stage products but also in the production of extracts, obtaining bifunctional components and production of alimentary supplements.

The 2nd stage of this project will consist in the installation of an offshore production of marine platforms.

Conference “O Novo Mar”

Published in: 09/02/2017

On the past 8th of February, there was a conference on the “Campus Universitário da Universidade da Madeira” entitled “O Novo Mar”. This event was promoted by UBQ-Madeira, Universidade da Madeira, Universidade dos Açores, BG-Isoplexis and Artiti.

The subjects under discussion were:

  • Marine pharmacy: The potential for macro algae, by Profª Drª Maria do Carmo.
  • Research applied to Macroalgae, by Drº Nuno Nunes.

UBQ’s Participation at the Ciência no Mercado 2016

Published in: 23/11/2016

UBQ took part in the 2nd edition of the “Ciência no Mercado” event on the 22nd of November at the “Praça do Peixe do Mercado dos Lavradores”, open to the general public and organized by the ARDITI.

UBQ presented some species of algae present in the Madeira Region, its characteristics and the products that can be obtained from them. UBQ had at its disposal, to taste, pastas, bread, pizzas and focaccia made from macro algae flour produced on the company, as well as various macro algae based products that help combating health problems like iodine deficiency and hypertension.

UBQ Nominated for Startup Madeira 2016 prize

Published in: 14/10/2016

logoubq_150 UBQII was selected for the Startup Madeira Innovation Awards 2016 under the “OUT OF THE BOX PROJECT” category!

Laboratory Opening

Published in: 21/06/2014

Opening of the Laboratorio UBQ-Madeira (UBQ-Madeira Laboratory) at Parque Industrial do Estreito de Câmara de Lobos.